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We are a full service flooring, countertop and remodeling company specializing in both residential and commercial applications located in Concord, North Carolina. We service coastal and upstate South Carolina as well as North Carolina.

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Click on our Products or Services tabs to locate the items you are interested in and the many services that we can provide. You will find links to many of our manufacturer’s websites that will give specific product and warranty information. You may also try products in their room settings or some sites may allow you to upload a photo of your own room and try the product as it would be seen in your home. 

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Environmentally Friendly Products

Easley’s offers you beautiful and quality products. Many of the manufacturers that we carry also provide lines of environmentally friendly products for both residential and commercial areas.

In the production of carpeting, vinyl flooring,tile and the harvesting of natural products most manufactures continually update their progress in these industries to protect and wisely use our natural resources.Eco-Friendly Products

Many of the products have recycled content and some of the products are able to be recycled repeatedly after their first useful life is complete. Plastic bottles with recycling #1 on the bottom are used to make carpet fibers. Corn is used to manufacture some carpets by Mohawk. Most vinyl manufacturers are producing vinyl flooring made from fiberglass to reduce production costs and stop using petroleum as a base for these vinyl floors. These manufacturers secure products in a legal, ethical and sustainable manner.  They have committed to securing materials and producing products that will bring as little harm to our environment as possible in their manufacturing processes and strive to continually improve these processes.  They use recycled materials where possible and produce products that can be recycled.

Please visit manufacturers’ websites that have pages with more in-depth information on their environmentally friendly products and the processes used in manufacturing.  Some also may provide sustainability reports and their efforts to utilize our natural resources in the most efficient manner.

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If you are remodeling or constructing a new home or business, we can provide solutions for your projects from room to room.